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Naturopath and Reiki Practitioner in Neutral Bay


Lynn Mann

  • Childhood Health

  • Family Health

  • Pregnancy

  • Fertility & Preconception Care

I am a naturopath with a special interest in optimising childhood health and supporting couples on the road to a healthy pregnancy.

Supporting the entire family from preconception, through pregnancy, birth and beyond is the best way to achieve optimal health at all stages of life.

My philosophy is - the body has in inbuilt ability to heal itself given optimal conditions.

Everything we do, think and eat contributes to who we are. So when addressing health and looking at healing, we need to include nutrition, lifestyle and management of our thoughts and emotions to achieve true holistic outcomes.

Working with you on your diet and lifestyle, and supporting with herbs and nutritionals, my aim to is have you be the best version of you at all stages of your life.

Contact Details

  • 2/146 Wycombe Road, Neutral Bay NSW 2089
  • (02) 9953 8503

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