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Practioner Grade Supplements

Practioner Grade Supplements

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Custom-Poured Liquid Herbs

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Compounded Nutritionals

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Natural Script simplifies your practice, freeing up precious time for what counts: helping your clients feel better and stay healthy.


Any Product

Prescribe any product

Gain instant access to a complete dispensary. Every product from every practitioner-only brand.

Track Patient

Keep track of your patients

Monitor patient compliance on all products ordered. Safely and securely manage all your clinic records.

Earn Revenue

Earn revenue

No need to hold stock. Earn rebates on all practitioner-only products ordered including repeats.

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Digital Script Pad

Natural Script allows you to write prescriptions and treatment plans that are professionally presented. Print out your scripts to hand to patients, or email them directly.


Patient Management Tool

Record patient clinical notes. Upload patient files, such as pathology reports. Access all records safely and securely from anywhere, viewable in an easy-to-use timeline format.

Aid Relief

Our commitment to giving back

Children Aid

Every single transaction means something great for someone else. Each time a Natural Script order is posted, we celebrate by paying it forward. Our donation is made by us at no cost to you or the patient. We are proud to be a lifetime member of B1G1 so that every script you write now does more than improve your client’s health. We support health related projects in developing countries such as providing clean water to families in need.
Together we can make a better world. Business for good.

Tabitha McIntosh

“My experience with NS has been both pleasant and efficient. I was happy to find they have an abundance of stock of the products I was after and was impressed to receive them within a day of placing the order, which meant I had some very happy clients. This service enables continuity of care for patients as they are encouraged to return to their naturopath rather than seeking out the products in the local discount store. Really approachable, friendly, helpful service.”

Tabitha McIntosh N.D., B. Medical Science

Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Educator
Nikki Warren

“I love using Natural Script in my practice. Keeping a herbal dispensary is expensive and now I can use those rare herbs that I don’t want to stock for fear that a customer will only purchase one bottle and I’ll have the rest of it sitting on my shelf until it expires.  I feel that giving a prescription also creates the impression of being more ethical to our patients which is really important to me in my clinic.”

Nikki Warren, BHSc, ND, MH

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Doula & Natural Fertility Specialist
Bettina Sepp-Walace

“Natural Script is very easy and straightforward to use. They have a big range of liquid herbs and supplements, which is the main reason I use them. It also saves space in my clinic, and it’s much more cost effective than keeping my own dispensary. The staff at Natural Script are really friendly and my clients report that they are always very helpful on the phone if they need to call. Delivery is always quick too, which makes my clients happy because they always seem to need the tonics immediately!”

Bettina Sepp-Wallace

Miia Prowse

“Natural Script works easily for my practice. I like the range and the fact that I can choose from the different brands all in one spot. My patients are really happy with the service.”

Miia Prowse, BSc Adv Dip Nat MATMS