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Natural Script is the only dispensary with practitioner-grade supplements AND liquid herbs AND nutritional compounds.

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“Working with Natural Script has changed the dynamic of my patient prescribing. Being able to prescribe liquid herbal tinctures, compounded nutritional supplements, practitioner only supplements and non-prescription pharmacy brands on one website has been a revolution.”

Anne Criner, The Biome Clinic

“Once the pandemic hit 2 years ago, I had to move to online, I was unable to afford to setup my own dispensary, so found Natural Script, they make all my formulas, creams and have a large range of practitioner brands, I love that my clients get a link, click and pay, if ever I have a problem, a simple phone call solves all, the Natural Script team has been a lifesaver in my business, I couldn't have done it without them.

Deborah Fletcher, Clinical Herbalist

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Our commitment to
giving back

Every single transaction means something great for someone else. Each time a Natural Script order is shipped By Natural Chemist, we celebrate by paying it forward. Our donation is made by us at no cost to you or the patient. We are proud to be a lifetime member of B1G1 so that every script you write now does more than improve your client’s health. We support health related projects in developing countries such as providing clean water to families in need.

Together we can make a better world. Business for good.