Version 2 of Natural Script is now live and we think you will love it!

Watch the video for a sneak peak at all the new features.

If you’re a qualified practitioner or final year students you can register for FREE.

We've been busy.

So what's new?

Revamped look

Enjoy much more functionality and contextual information with the revamped look and feel.

Set client discounts

Give your clients a discount to your chosen level of 10%, 15% or 20%. Set individualy for each client.

Entire range at our fingertips

Search our entire range including liquid herbs, practitioner grade supplements and compound ingredients.

Instantly create scripts

Instantly create scripts with clearly displayed directions and script expiry dates for your clients to view and purchase from their Natural Chemist

Save frequently used items

Save your list of frequently prescribed products for quick and easy addition to scripts.

Patient notifications

Notify patients directly from Natural Script that their scripts have been updated and are ready to order.

Client script management

Cancel your clients' scripts at any time

Full order visibility

Full visibility of your clients' orders - including tracking and shipping details

Multiple practitioners

Ability to have multiple practitioners in one clinic - who share access to customer records.

Maximise discounts

Order for yourself from our full range at the maximum discounted price with free shiping over $99.

View pending rebates

Full visibility of your pending rebates.

Fully configurable Herbal Dispensary. You are in complete control.


Added Customisation

  • Prescribe your own custom liquid herbal blends and publish them as unique products for your patients to order on Natural Chemist.
  • Create your own Favourite Herbal Formulas that can be saved and then prescribed quickly and easily to different patients.


Automation to reduce your workload

  • Automatically calculates the weekly dosage rates for your herbal blend and provides guidance on over/unders.
  • Restrict how many dispenses permitted for each herbal script and how long the script is valid for. Cancel at any time.
  • Change the bottle size at any time and the volume of each herb is automatically adjusted.

Improved features

Transparent pricing

Fully transparent pricing, based on the per ml cost of your chosen herbs rather than in generic brands.

In-depth search

View and search all the actions for your herbs your are prescribing.

Include essences

Bach flower and Bush Flower Essences can be easily included.

All major brands

Every herb from all major brands available (not just a restricted list of best sellers).

And there’s lots more coming… we are constantly working to improve our system and welcome your suggestions.